Hazelglen Alliance Church

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I expect on Sundays?


We worship God together for approximately 75 minutes. You'll find here a casual atmosphere, and people of all ages and walks of life. This time is set aside for communicating with God from our hearts. We believe that God is more concerned with your heart than with what you wear, so feel free to dress casually or in whatever way you’re comfortable.

       When you arrive

You will likely find a number of people sharing conversation around the coffee table in the foyer... Feel free to pour a cup for yourself ... 

As you enter the main auditorium you will be greeted by a host who will give you a program and a visitor’s brochure that helps answer some of your questions about who we are and what we’re all about. You may sit wherever you are most comfortable. If you wish, you can let us know a bit about yourself by filling out the information form included in the visitor’s package.


Our music ministry team will lead us in upbeat, contemporary songs of celebration, as well as more intimate songs of worship. Many of the songs may be familiar to you if you listen to the local Christian radio station. Everyone worships in his or her own unique way – for many, that means raising hands, singing and clapping along, and for others it means quietly reflecting on the words. You're welcome to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

        For Children

Our kid’s church program is for children from birth to grade 4. About 20 – 30 minutes into the worship service, children are invited to participate in their own age-appropriate activities, led by our volunteer staff. We have a nursery for newborns through age 3 as well as a program for preschoolers through grade 4 where a variety of stories, crafts, singing and games will help them build a solid foundation of faith and strong relationship with God. As part of our safety guidelines, we ask parents to register their children and then pick them up at the conclusion of the worship service.


       The Message

Our pastor gives a relevant, straightforward message that is based on Scripture, and is designed to be helpful in your everyday life. Many past messages are available online. These messages will help you develop a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, and apply biblical teaching to your own life.


Very often a time is given for our church family to share prayer requests and praise reports of how God has been at work in their lives throughout the week.


Each week our regular attenders give a financial offering during the service. This is an act of worship for our regular attenders, allowing them to thank God for all of the great work He is doing in their lives. It also gives Hazelglen the means to reach more people for Christ in the future. As our guest, there is no need for you to give. If you wish you could place your completed visitor’s information card in the basket as it goes by.


Usually on the first Sunday of every month we celebrate communion together. Anyone can participate in this time of reflection and prayer – as long they've made the decision to follow Jesus Christ. The juice and bread that we share represent the life he gave up so that our sins could be forgiven.


 2. Where are you located?

Hazelglen Alliance Church is located at 45 Hazelglen Drive in Kitchener Ontario. Hazelglen Drive is situated off of Victoria St. S between Westmount Dr. W and Fischer-Hallman Rd. Once you turn onto Hazelglen Drive from Victoria Ave we are the second building on your left.


Click here for a map to our place of worship


3. What are your office hours?


Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 4 pm

Address: 45 Hazelglen Dr. Kitchener, ON N2M 2E2

Phone: 519-744-6670

Please call ahead for an appointment.

4. When are your worship services?


Sundays from 10 am to 11:15 am

5. What is your story?


To put it simply, we believe that the purpose of the church is to “love God and love others”. That’s the heart of what Christ commanded the church to do and so we are on a journey to do just that – together. And it’s a journey we’ve been on in the K-W area for 50 years.


6. What do you believe?


Hazelglen Alliance is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada – a protestant, evangelical, Bible-believing, missions-focused denomination. As such we share a statement of faith with hundreds of other churches across Canada.


Click here for full Statement of Faith.


Click here for more information on the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada


7. How can I get involved?


In our “What We Do" section of the website you’ll find a variety of activities that we are involved in including: Life Groups, ESL, and Youth Programs… If you find an area you are interested in participating in – let us know and perhaps you and your family can get involved too.


8. What if I have other questions? 


We’d be happy to answer your questions if we can so feel free to email us at office@hazelglen.ca or give us a call at 744-6670. Otherwise, join us on Sunday and you’ll find our pastor and ministry leaders very happy to answer any further questions you may have.